How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Instagram

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Instagram

Are you trying to decide if Instagram is a viable platform to promote your YouTube channel?

Yes, of course! This is why.

Instagram is one of the most popular channels for business promotion, with more than 1 billion active users.

The Instagram community is also accustomed to viewing sponsored content while using the site.

Most 800 million users who follow at least one business account do so to stay updated on the newest items and deals.

Therefore, you can rely on it to give your YouTube channel valuable exposure.

The competition is fiercer than ever, with 600 videos added to YouTube every 10 minutes, so let’s get down to work!

1. Maintain your YouTube and Instagram accounts.

We need to get your Instagram profile in good shape if we undertake any real Instagram marketing. Before visiting your YouTube channel, many visitors would want to view your profile. Therefore it should be optimized, attractive, and informative.

The following are the matters to attend to:

  • Make sure there are no dots or periods in your Instagram name. This makes it simpler to recall and look up afterward.
  • Have a brief but informative bio for your profile. A biography is a fantastic tool for letting others know what you do.
  • The bio link to your YouTube channel. This is essential; try to shorten it using tools like Tiny URL or URL Shortener.
  • Add hashtags to your bio. If your YouTube channel has a hashtag, it should also be mentioned in your Instagram profile.

Your YouTube profile is the next stop.

  • You must optimize every title, description, meta tag, and keyword to make a solid first impression.
  • Rea’s YouTube channel is also fantastic to mention here. The copy is natural and easy to read, the images are excellent, and the branding matches Instagram.

Therefore, you need attractive and optimized YouTube and Instagram accounts to use while starting the campaign. People need to recognize that you are competent and that your information is worthwhile.

The next step is to generate interest in it by disseminating some material.

2. Post teaser images and videos to Instagram.

You probably already know how crucial it is to release teasers on YouTube to increase interest in upcoming content. Instagram is the ideal platform for that. You might try to create a little tease and share it with your followers, whether you’re marketing a product video, an event video, or something else.

Here is yet another illustration by Andrew Rea. In this post, he provides information about his most recent video and asks readers to discover a link to it in the bio.

  • Instagram influencers like Rea, who cater to global audiences, translate some of the material they publish. For instance, they might write an announcement or a greeting to the followers in another language.
  • According to Erasto Kaseja, head of international marketing research at PickWriters, “the vast majority of Instagram users are located outside of the United States.” Therefore, it only makes sense that you occasionally try to engage your followers by speaking in their language.
  • Remember that sharing the link to the teaser in your Instagram bio is a great idea. Here is an example of Gordon Ramsay’s Instagram bio, encouraging users to view his most recent YouTube video.
  • Notice the hashtag and the truncated link.

3. Distribute behind-the-scenes material

Bloopers and behind-the-scenes content attract Instagram users’ attention and pique their curiosity. For instance, many people are curious about the video production process and how well-known YouTubers create their content.


  • You can increase traffic to your YouTube channel by taking your viewers behind the scenes and sharing some amusing instances from the production process that humanize you.
  • Take note of the call to action in the post, which invites readers to view the most recent video. You ought to follow suit.

Consider these concepts for content:

  • Take a photo of your workspace
  • Share a video showing you using a video editing program to edit a video.
  • Describe a humorous incident that occurred while filming (a blooper)

The only restriction here is your imagination.

4. Get People’s Attention with Instagram Stories

The advent of Instagram stories has proven to be a game-changing innovation for both private and corporate users. They are a fantastic way to gain more visibility, increase traffic to your business, and even get some feedback from followers thanks to their 500 million daily active users.

The following are some suggestions for using Instagram stories to advertise your YouTube channel:

  • Consider conducting a Q&A session in which you pose a query regarding the most recent video.
  • What types of videos would your followers like to see on your profile? (provide some options, too)
  • Share a sneak peek of the next production if you’re working on a thrilling video to pique your attention.
  • Share content from your production process for your videos.
  • To get feedback and solicit fresh video ideas, survey your subscribers.

Viewers can swipe up to access the video thanks to the See More option at the bottom of the screen. It is that easy and can significantly increase traffic to your fresh material.

5. Interact with Your Instagram Followers

Instagram promotion for your YouTube channel shouldn’t seem like a one-way conversation. People interacting with your material provide you with a fantastic opportunity to connect with them and establish bonds.

Getting to know your followers is more than just saying “Thank you” in response to their remarks. While expressing gratitude is crucial, you should also strive to interact with them by answering their inquiries, finding out what they want to see next, and suggesting additional content.

Check out how even one remark can boost article engagement. Popular YouTuber Keith Habersberger frequently responds to the comments left by his viewers. Here is one of them, which received 632 likes and nine answers in three weeks.

If you thank your fans, more people will be inclined to follow you and continue to be interested. Therefore, take the time to respond to comments and let your fans know that you appreciate their input.

6. Begin Making Use of Analytics

Promotion is fantastic, but if you don’t track how your Instagram marketing is performing, you’ll never know if it’s working for you. For instance, you must compare the views before and after an Instagram promotion to determine whether the marketing campaign successfully increased traffic.

Consider using more sophisticated tools since YouTube only offers simple and limited analytics choices. For instance, TubeBuddy, a free plugin that gives Channel Analytics, is one of the ways to acquire video viewing statistics.

Promotion is great, but if you don’t monitor the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing, you’ll never know if it’s helping you. For instance, you must compare the views before and after an Instagram promotion to ascertain whether the marketing strategy successfully grew visitors.

Since YouTube only provides a few basic and limited analytics options, think about employing more advanced technologies. For instance, one chance to obtain video viewing statistics is using TubeBuddy, a free plugin that delivers Channel Analytics.


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