Peacock painting using matchstick on a storage box.

Peacock painting using matchstick on a storage box.

Recycling and reusing any item, if possible, is always a good idea, especially in the modern era when humans are producing a lot of waste, polluting our environment. We can lessen the waste in our landfills and make something fresh and worthwhile by turning trash into lovely art. For instance, a matchstick, storage box, or even old paint can create a peacock painting. Using these materials, we can produce a stunning work of art, encourage sustainability, and lessen our carbon footprint. Incorporating recycling and reusing into our daily lives can therefore be advantageous to us and contribute to preserving our environment for future generations.

Peacock Painting using Matchstick

In this video, the artist demonstrates how a plain box can be transformed into a lovely Peacock-designed decoration container with just a few easy steps. The intricate and detailed Peacock pattern is painted onto the box by the artist using a combination of colors and a matchstick, creating a stunning and one-of-a-kind work of art. The video offers helpful hints and shortcuts as it walks the viewer through the procedure. The artist creates a beautiful work of art, encourages creativity, and promotes sustainability by upcycling an ordinary object into a piece of art. This video is an excellent source of inspiration for those looking to personalize their home decor while lessening their environmental impact.

We used minimum number of items to achieve this goal. These includes:

Items used

Container box

1. Any container to recycle

match box

2. Match-sticks

metallic purple color

3. Purple acrylic glitter color


metallic golden color

4. Golden Acrylic glitter color

metallic silver color

5. Silver Acrylic color (Optional)

paint brush

6. Paint brush for base coloring

Design steps

  1. First, the container is cleaned thoroughly so no particle remains that can disturb the painting.
  2. Next, I started it off by first applying Purple base color with paint brush.
  3. It can take multiple coats to have a uniform base color.
  4. Afterwards, I trimmed a matchstick to a thin tip to paint precise design sketch and paint.
  5. Before painting with main golden color, I used silver color to sketch the design. As silver is not visible on a purple color. It will help us to easily cover later with golden paint.
  6. After sketching the design, I started using golden paint to fill the Peacock pattern.
  7. It could be a possibility that you might need to clean extra paints to have a more professional look.

With these simple steps you or anyone can recycle any container into a beautiful decoration container box.


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